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Pretty & Happy Wooden.LY faces

Our clients send us pictures with their wood sunglassses:

Giuseppe, Italy

Giuseppe sent us a picture of him wearing his brand-new Proof Ontario sunglasses made out of skateboard decks.

Giuseppe with his Proof Ontario skateboard blue

Nicola, Italy

Nicola shows off his brown-framed Proof Ontario sunglasses. Same model Giuseppe is wearing (wood shades made out of skateboard decks) but with brown and green colors.

Nicola with his Proof Ontario skateboard brown edition

Ioana, Romania

Wood sunglasses are so glamour for women too. Ioana fell in love with these Proof Mc Call: a cateye classic shape for an elegant or casual occasion. Super-light choice and very eco-friendly: they are made of bamboo.

Ioana wearing girly Proof McCall in bamboo

Marina, Spain

Well... this looks like a beauty contest: who's prettier wearing the Proof Mc Call cateye bamboo sunglasses? Marina from Spain or Ioana from Romania? We'll let you judge it!

In Marina's own words: "I bought these glasses one month ago and I'm so happy!!! These glasses are beautiful but more important are are perfect with a lot of sun outside as when it's cloudy. I love them, strongly recommended!!!"

Marina wearing girly Proof McCall in bamboo

Mauri, Spain

Mauri from Barcelona, a true Nature Lover chose recycled skateboard-decks sunglasses, to be worn in sunny days during his hikings. Proof Ontario blue sunglasses have polarized grey lenses to reduce glare and for a perfect vision.

In Mauri's own words: "Light, colourful and cool wooden sunglasses! Their very good polarized lenses make you experience a superior optical clarity...Highly recommended!"

Mauri with his Proof Ontario skateboard blue

Guillermo & Simon, Spain

Simon and Guillermo, both from Barcelona, like enjoying the parties wearing their wood sunglasses: Guillermo wears Proof Bird Two-tones, while Simon (on the right-hand side) put Feler Regular and his usual "poker face".

Guillermo and Simon - so cool with their wood sunglasses

Andrea, Italy

Andrea from Venice proud to wear his brand new Proof Ontario skate edition Brown.
Thanks for your picture Andrea!

Andrea wearing Proof Ontario skateboard brown

Kjetil, Norway

Kjetil is our Instagram friend who fell in love with these Feler Charles Blue Lenses. For a sports and outdoor lover as he's, that's the perfect choice: handmade in Spain and ecofriendly sunglasses!

Kjetil wearing his new handmade Feler Charles Blue Mirrored lenses

Ettore, Italy

Ettore from Messina Sicily, wearing skateboard-deck-made Wooed Vintage Pacific Red.
ciao Ettore and "grazie"!

Ettore wearing Wooed Skateboard Vintage Pacific red

David, Belgium

David came to the DeManoEnMano market in Barcelona and went back home with stylish Woodzee Alpine Black Bamboo.
Doesnt he seem so happy with his new bamboo sunglasses?

David wearing Woodzee Alpine black bamboo

Peppe, Italy

Peppe was intrigued by the African charm of the Ballo Brown - Handmade in South Africa with re-purposed wood (Walnut in this case). He's Charming & Smart in the picture he sent us on Instagram !

Peppe wearing Ballo Brown Walnut

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